General contract safety.

Is the contract verified so everyone can read the code? Does the team of the project hold all of the liquidity? Has the contract creator deployed many tokens on avalanche? This is all considered in this metric.

Advanced contract safety.

Is the ownership of the Contract renounced? Does the team have the ability to mint tokens? Is there a timelock in place? A perfect score would indicate that there are no possible ways to influence the price or liquidity of the tokens.

Team token amount.

Does the team have an unusually large amount of tokens available for them to sell whenever they want? Has the team held on to all tokens and has not sold any? A perfect score would indicate that the team has zero tokens and has not sold any in the past. This may not be realistic in most cases, but it is possible.

Developer history.

Is the developers, CEO or team known and has a long history of achievements? It will be difficult to achieve a perfect score in this category unless Emin or Vitalik applies to get a Detective Score.


Is the team willing and open to discussions about working together with other projects? Do they seem overall willing to at least talk about it? Do they immediately shut down conversations from other projects? How active are they working with other projects?

Unique ideas.

How unique is the project? Does it do anything different than other projects are doing? Is it just a copy/paste?

Social media activity.

How active is the social media accounts of the project? Does the project neglect some social media accounts that they have set up? Do they have positions in the project that someone is dedicated only to socials?